Friday, August 27, 2010

Rally Mater Pro PlayNow History

Rally Master Pro should be available in PlayNow according to many news.

April, 22nd
Rally Master Pro is listed in the PlayNow Store together with QuadraPop. Although the description says its size is 32MB the download is 16.8 MB. After a click on "download" and a full process bar the download could not be finished.

April, 26nd
Rally Master Pro is removed from the PlayNow Store.

August, 23rd
By accident I found Rally Master Pro in the store. The same download issue as in April occurs. QuadraPop is no more listed.

What if I update my cellphone? QuadraPop is no more available in Store!
OMG! There is no free game to install in this situation!

Does anyone know if QuadraPop is installed on new Satio or Vivaz phones?

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